Leaders inspire, motivate, and activate others self-starting trait to do better in all aspects of their lives.  Leaders have positive traits and incredible “whatever it takes” attitude. True leaders have no ego but rather an internal drive for success with others.  The lone wolf can’t survive and thrive alone unless it’s in a movie.

“Vision Without Action is a Dream Soon Forgotten”.  Leaders may have the vision, but the key word of the quote is “action”.  It takes the team to make it happens at a high level. To create a positive feeling of teamwork where everyone deserves the same amount of credits is the priority.  It’s not who gets it right but is it done right. The mentality of a great “owner” is more of an alpha wolf in a pack rather than an alpha lion. An alpha wolf doing as much work as any member of the pack but share its food because he knows the survivor of the pack based on the number of the wolves.  The alpha male lion acts as the lives of his herd based on his protection only and does very little and eat first before any other can join. He does one function but takes all the glory.

People must respect you and love you to want to do their best with you.  Fear of working for a leader will eventually create resentment and will end eventually.  Leaders must know each team members and how to motivate them individually. It’s not just one method that works for everyone.

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