Hard style motivation doesn’t work in the long run.  It creates fear and anxiety and works in the short term until your employees can not mentally take it or found something else to do.  The soft style approach may seem cool and relaxing working atmosphere but eventually, some employees will take advantage of your kind nature.  A non-self-motivating person is like water, it flows downhill quicker and takes the least resistance paths.

A group manager must have identified everyone in the group and what’s it takes to motivate each employee separately.  They all have different reasons to why they are and where they want to be. A good motivator also must have a level head ability to communicate at all levels and never take things personally.  You must listen and try to balance the employee’s needs versus wants. To get the most out of your employees you must go back in that position to comprehend.

Motivation employees is like holding a bird in your hand.  If you hold it too tight, its die, too loose then it flies away.  It is a constant ebb and flow of adjustment and never always the same.  Look, listen, and act on as you promise. If you won’t deliver your words, they won’t either.  

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